Break your limitations with Rapid Transformational Therapy

Using the power of RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy, it is my mission to help entrepreneurs, and change makers to overcome their old paradigms, and limiting believes of success without having to invest a large amount of valuable time, so that they may serve the world to their best possible ability. I have a burning desire to help everyone who has devoted themselves to make an impact in the world to overcome their outdated, limiting believes and programming to elevate them to be the best version of themselves that they can possibly be. All inspirational leaders, thinkers, doers, and movers know that in order to be truly great you have to constantly update, rethink, and reinvent yourself. Life itself is in constant movement, ever evolving, ever progressing, as soon as one stops to grow he does not simply stop and stagnate, having the world still progress and turn he in fact moves backwards. With RTT - Rapid Transformational Therapy, I am able to resolve your trauma, blocks and limiting believes in record time, and change them into new powerful, inspiring, and transformational believes directly accessing the subconscious, creating a change of behavior, of person, of life.


"A magical experience! I reached out to Merlin to work on Self-confidence. During the session, he made me feel very comfortable, and he was clear on what I should expect during the session. Even do the session was over Zoom, I felt like he was in the same room as me the whole time. Merlin did fantastic at guiding me during the scenes that my subconscious broth up of my childhood. He was very supportive and kind. I have noticed that since I did the session and started listing to the recording that he provided, I have been feeling more comfortable and empowered to be myself. This week I have started to participate in conversations where I was usually quiet. I can’t wait to see my transformation in the next weeks. Merlin is a fantastic RTT therapist!1Life Symmetry1 CommentLoveCommentShare"

Nancy H

My session with Merlin was eye opening and so empowering. It helped me see and understand the way I perceive the environment around me. Through the RTT session I was able to take that new found understanding and use it to transform my beliefs and instead use my beliefs for my benefit to consciously create the life I envision for myself. Very professional, patient, supportive, understanding and easy to talk with, he really does take the time to listen and gently guide the session to deeper levels of understanding. I would recommend an RTT session with Merlin to anyone looking fast, transformative, results. Thank you Merlin!

Elizia C

"Hello from New York ! I had a very powerful RTT session with Merlin in the end of September and very pleased to say it give me the whole new pallet of understanding the root of my insecurities. My session was more busness oriented but surprisingly enouth in the process a lot more personal issues was uncovered and dealt with on the spot ! Merlin is very gifted and sensitive therapist who really cares about his patients. He has amazingly comforting voice and personality . He is very detailed oriented and takes his time to receive and process personal information that allow to treat issue effectively and on dipper levels . I received a wonderful recording in just an hour after my session . As it was required , I am listening it for 21 days ... Merlin voice sounds like a lullaby to me now ... and every time I am listening I discover something new in this recording .Every time there is some word or sentence stands out that accents and attracts my attention. As I was told by Merlin that “mind learns by repetition” and there is certain amount of repetition is needed to reprogram the belief and to make a change . I notes that change every single day . I am very happy that I reach out to Merlin ! Since my session It feel as there protective umbrella shield above me and it gives me more confidence to conquer my goals in my professional and personal life . Thank you Merlin"

Irene I